Fensifund supports its core values of independence, commitment and reliability.

Our Values


Fensifund cherishes its independence and regards the maintenance of strictly professional conduct, free from conflicts of interest, as crucial in safeguarding the interests of its clients.



At Fensifund we see each client as a partner and therefore share the same interests. Both managers hold strong personal financial commitments in the fund : each are personally invested as well as their "friends & family”.


Our desire for openness and expertise extends beyond the Luxembourg region: our European and international network helps us to continually look for the best solutions. Fensifund has developed professional relationships with boutique investment houses who are leading specialists in their domain, nationally and internationally.



Via our core-satellite strategy, we combine first in class stable mixed asset funds with high-end boutique specialist products. Stock exposure can vary from 30% to 90% depending on the economic cycle and valuation attractiveness, in a disciplined and opportunistic manner.



The objective is to diversify the asset allocation process by selecting managers with different investment styles/philosophies and with different views on the world. By doing so, Fensifund aims to generate more stable results, independent of any benchmark.