Via our core-satellite strategy, we combine first in class stable mixed asset funds with high-end boutique specialist products.Stock exposure can vary from 30% to 90% depending on the economic cycle and valuation attractiveness.Within this framework, we focus on optimizing the correlation between the funds to obtain a volatility lower than 8.

Fensifund Approach

The objective, philosophy and investment process have been designed for investors seeking a moderate risk investment that aims to provide capital gains over the long term.

The fund is designed for growth-oriented investors open to moderate-to-high risk and wishing to participate in the return potential of the equity markets. Accordingly investments are primarily focused on equities. Risk management can make the profile of the fund evolve between offensive (equities between 60% and 90%) and defensive (equities between 30% and 60%) – depending on expecting respectively a bull or a bear market environment. Other asset classes than equity are considered in terms of diversification or temporary financial shelters in times of crisis. Investment decisions are implemented through indexed funds, active funds, flexible funds, alternative funds and financial derivatives.

Despite having a reasonably large investment universe in terms of asset class, the fund will focus on equity funds to produce capital gains. Other asset classes will be considered as risk mitigation tools providing with diversification or temporary financial shelters in times of crisis. Moreover, Fensifund offers additional diversification for its investors towards other investment categories.

In terms of financial instruments, the fund will implement his investment decisions through, in order of importance :

  1. Active funds
  2. Mixed patrimonial funds
  3. Indexed funds and ETFs and
  4. Derivatives (equity futures or options and currency forwards).

Our selected fund specialists are mostly not available to clients via their traditional bank.

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